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A vacuum cleaner designed for recycling and an initiative that saves both energy and resources by replacing old heat exchangers with new ones. On 2 July, industry leaders will gather for the third year in a row at the Circular Initiative to showcase concrete solutions on how we can work together to create sustainable businesses and circular material flows.

"The traditional linear business model is under severe pressure for all the right reasons. Industry must now shift and work together in new ways to create new circular material flows. At this year's Circular Initiative, several unique examples will be presented that show just this," says Mattias Nilsson, Sales & Marketing Director at Stena Recycling Sweden, initiator of the Circular Initiative.

The Circular Initiative was started with the conviction that the industry must be involved in driving change towards circular business models. What is needed are new forms of cooperation, innovations and new technologies.  Business leaders from major companies such as ABB, Stora Enso, Combitech, Electrolux and other companies in the Investor Sphere were therefore asked to participate as partner companies. They embraced the idea of working together in a forum aimed at developing concrete solutions for circular resource use.

A host of decision-makers and experts will attend the event on 2 July, where several pioneering projects will be presented. It was big news last year when Electrolux unveiled a vacuum cleaner made from 100% reused components and recycled materials. This year, the circle is complete as it is time to showcase the progress of the next project. By being smart from the start and thinking about the recycling of the product already in the design phase, they have together developed a vacuum cleaner that is almost 100 percent recyclable.

Replacing older and inefficient machines and motors in the industry is something that brings huge benefits to both the environment and the economy. Success often requires close cooperation between different parties, which is something the Circular Initiative facilitates. One example - which has been presented before - is ABB's solution where the company, together with Stena Recycling, has developed a system that replaces inefficient electric motors in industry with new ones. It is an initiative that has great potential as ABB estimates that the potential for energy savings from Swedish industry is more than 4 TWh per year, which is equivalent to 2.1 million electric cars driving 1,200 miles per year.

This year, Alfa Laval is presenting its solution - a replacement program that enables customers to replace older heat exchangers with new ones. The project will help to significantly reduce energy consumption and save resources by recycling the material in the old heat exchangers and using it as material in the manufacture of new energy-efficient products.

Due to the pandemic, this year's event will be digital. But this does not mean that expectations are lower - quite the contrary:

"The pandemic has made us all think in new ways. Not least the business community has had to resort to creative solutions to continue to develop. The experience will be a strength as we look to the future and the challenge of creating a circular economy," says Fredrik Pettersson, CEO of Stena Recyling.

The Circular Initiative is a forum led by Stena Recycling and is open to decision-makers who want to work together to develop concrete solutions that promote circular solutions. The annual event also includes people to inspire and enthuse. Claudia Olsson, CEO of Stellar Capacity, which trains in digital leadership and transformation, is one of the speakers. Claudia has been named one of the world's top young leaders by the World Economic Forum and is also one of this year's summer speakers.

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