What a partnership means


Perhaps this is the first time that you think about possibly cooperating with a sustainability partner. Experience and learnings from cooperations during eight decades have taught us to be clear about the mutual expectations, to make you succeed in what you desire.

The need for collaboration and cooperation is more and more critical in discovering the hidden values and possibilities with sustainability. To attain a strong waste economy, to create environmental benefits and generally establish sustainable business operations - are all an essential part of your company's future business success. 

In our sustainability partnerships, we mainly work with the decision-makers in manufacturing companies. A crucial success factor in the partnerships is that our customers usually have at least one individual from their executive management team to be deeply involved in our cooperation and partnership. 

The expectation fulfilment and the desired outcomes of the cooperation are safeguarded through annual evaluations and monthly steering group meetings. One of Stena Recycling's primary business objectives is that our existing customers shall recommend us to you. So they do.

When asking our customers why they recommend us, they say that they feel challenged to examine and scrutinise the best course of action, in a mutual aim to maximize the given situation and resources. Together we always deliver the agreed scope at high and consistent quality, within the given timeframe.


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Mattias Nilsson
Head of Sales and Marketing

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