What you need and don't need


You are the expert of your business, your manufacturing and your products. Stena Recycling is the experts of sustainability from recycling and industrial waste perspective. Mutually we can form your strategy, roadmap and plans for you to follow your desired sustainable development agenda.

You are most likely aware of that yet another pre-study or PowerPoint slide deck won't solve how you shall become a more sustainable business. To become a more sustainable business you need to do practical changes in how you handle product design, manufacturing, and industrial waste. 

Collect the facts

To decide where you’re heading, you should find out where you are right now. So before you progress with the sustainability strategy, you should review the past performance and the current situation. Look at each main area of the business and determine what worked well, what needs to be improved and how that should happen. Also, identify the main opportunities and possible gaps.

Create the sustainability strategy

Now create the sustainability strategy, and it should include the vision, purpose, mission, positioning, target groups and the main objectives.

The main prioritizations

Based on the sustainability strategy, you decide and formulate the main prioritisations.

The roadmap

When the prioritizations are all set, you build the roadmap and divide it into the main areas or departments.

The guiding principles

The last thing to do is to create the guiding principles, that encompass your beliefs and values and guide your organisation. ​


Involve the right people to make sure you’re collecting the most relevant information. Also, be transparent when you create it and make it accessible for everyone when it is finalised.

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